"Make Your Mark" Coloring Pages by The Tracy Piper

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Make Your Mark, 2023
Digital Coloring Pages to Printout


“What does it mean to make your mark? The expression "making your mark"  is often associated with leaving something behind that reflects your unique identity, skills, or influence. It implies making a significant and enduring contribution that sets you apart from others and leaves a positive mark on the world or the people around you. 

Of course we could take the expression literally, the actual mark making of art: the chunky marker streaks of a little one, the soft paint swipes from a brush, the loops of a colorful crayon, and the scribbles and notes of our everyday lives.

But what does it mean when we encourage the ones around us to make their marks? 

Its this moment that we leave a lasting impression on the souls around us, not by something you did, but by being there and saying, "yes, I want to see what YOU can do."

When we take the time to give this to others, this is where I think the true magic happens. 

So, in the spirit of giving and in my unofficial, official #artforeveryone campaign, this is my gift to you. Free coloring pages! I want to see what YOU can make. I want to see your marks in this world. The pages are just a jumping off point… I cannot wait to see what YOU can do. The Tracy Piper


Learn more about The Tracy Piper and her figurative paintings.


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