Voss Gallery

Voss Gallery is a women-owned art gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District established in 2019 by Ashley L. Voss. The gallery features a dynamic exhibition program of solo and thematically organized group shows and socially-conscious projects to benefit the greater community. New exhibitions are presented every three to four weeks and are curated with an emphasis on New Contemporary work by emerging and mid-career artists.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and enrich lives by making the art buying process easy, accessible and fun! We’re committed to helping collectors at any stage find the perfect piece for their space with a variety of options for every budget. 

Join the #vosscollectorsclub to receive invitations to VIP collector events, early access to new artwork, and exclusive content from our gallery artists! Our newsletter also highlights one of our members and shares practical advice from the gallery owner about purchasing and caring for artwork.

This past year we collaborated with The Tracy Piper to create an ongoing #artforchange initiative in support of three organizations advocating for social justice and public health. So far we have donated over $16,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, $1,500 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and $250 to the American Nurses Foundation's Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6PM or by appointment. 

Ashley L. Voss, Owner/Director


Voss Gallery's experimental space, [The Down Low] is located on the basement level with access via a staircase which may present difficulties for those with physical disabilities. We apologize for this; please contact us for additional documentation and information on our exhibitions if you would like to view the shows but have accessibility needs that our space doesn't meet.

The Voss Artist-In-Residence program (Voss AIR) is an opportunity for individuals and artist groups to collaborate with Voss Gallery to produce socially engaging content. Residencies typically unfold over three to four months and include both an exhibition and community project; the program does not include lodging. Projects can include multidisciplinary performance, film, immersive installations, publications, and online initiatives.

Artists we’ve worked with (August 2019-present): Addendum24, A. Lazaro, Alex Hagerty, Alexandra Cicorschi, Alice Koswara, Alynn-Mags, Amandalynn, Amber Allen, Amy Ahlstrom, Amy McKay, Anna Mathai, Andre Hart,Angela Han, Angela Myers, Annie Walker, Annika James, Arael Domínguez, Ayesha Samdani, Bella Donna Artiste, Ben Benet, Bianca Levan, Bill Prochnow, Blake Jones, Blane Asrat, Brandon Joseph Baker, Breno Aragon, Brent Hayden, Bruce Katz, Carly Ealey, Catherine Gutierrez, Charles H. Stinson, Claire Lau, Clare Olivares, Chris Koehler, Collin Polliard, Crystal Kamoroff, Czr Prz, Dany Paragouteva, David Samuels, Dawn Harmer, Deborah Salomon, Dee Tivenan, Deena Smith, Diane Wang, Dominique Guevara, Donna Fenstermaker, Durba Sen, Eddie O. Rodriguez, Elaine Pratt, Eli the Man, Emily Cate Sabree, Ernie Steiner, Ester Tuva, Ferran Torras, Fuzz E Grant, Gale Hart, Greta Boesel, Gustavo Castillo, Gwen Pryor, Haoyun Erin Zhao, Harumo Sato, Heather Robinson, Hélène Paulette Côte, Ian Robertson-Salt, Ingrid V. Wells, James Mertke, Jason Villegas, Jayne Foster, Jeff Bostic, Jen LaVita, Jennifer Banzaca, Jennika Bastian, Jenny Wantuch, Jeremy Novy, Jessica Dunegan, J. L. King, J. Manuel Carmona, Joanna Chrys, Joel Villegas, Joey Deruy, John Osgood, Jordan Herren, Jordan Holms, Joseph Abbati, Joseph Kosdrosky, Josh Stein, Joshua Hailey, Joshua Coffy, Joshua Lawyer, Joshua Nissen King, Julia LaChica, Julianne Wallace Sterling, Justin Teisl, Justyna Kisielewicz, Kacy Jung, Karen Chan, Karen Johnson, Kate Tova, Kelley Finley, Khari Turner, Kim Brewer, KNZN, Krista Fay, Kristian Kabuay, Kuntal, Lady Henze, La Tinta, Lady Mags, Lana Köhn, Laura Paladini, Laurie Baars, LE BohemianMuse, Luciano Roque, Lucky Rapp, Luis Tinoco, Maggie Hurley, Malisa Suchanya, Margot Hartford, Maria Carmela, Marc Scheff, Mark George, Mark Hamer, Marley Sutter, Mary Campbell, Mary Southall, Mario Navasero, Matley Hurd, Maya Fuji, Meg Moriarty, Meghan Lewis MacLeod, Meri Brin, Meuff, Michael Acker, Michele de la Menardiere, Michelle Saputo, Mike Ritch, Mike Sanchez, MJ Lindo, Mila Kirillova, Mila Moldenhawer, Nala Kun, Nancy Husari, Natalie Gabriel, Natalia Lvova, Natalie Dadamio, Nathalie Lendermann, Neddie Bakula, Nicole Hayden, Nina Fabunmi, Norman Bonney, Olena Vasylevska, Olympia Altimir, Orin Carpenter, ORLUarts, Paul Torres, Pauline Crowther Scott, Pencil Roots by Varsha, Rachel Znerold, Ralph C.R., Randy Titchenal, Ransom & Mitchell, Raiz (Pablo Ruiz Arroyo), Renee DeCarlo, Renée Switkes, Rinat Goren, Robert Bowen, Ron Robles, Roseanne Chao, Roxanne Brodeur Young, Sabin Filip, Samuel Dominguez, Sara Eberhart, Sarah Farris, Sarah Grimm, Sasinun Kladpetch, Scott Idleman, Serge Gay Jr., Scott Sager, Shannon Abbey, Shannon Glasheen, Sharon Virtue, Shrey Purohit, Soad Kader, Sofa, Sofia Venegas, Some Lady, Sonia Gill, Steph Littlebird Fogel, Stephanie Steiner, Steve Javiel, Steven Stodor, Stu Postiglione, Susan R. Kirshenbaum, Suzanne Slatcher, Tara Esperanza, Tati Holt, Tatiana Carvalho, Taylor Stoneman, Tim Irani, The CollabLab, The Tracy Piper, Tom Colcord, TotesFerosh, Trent Thompson, Tyrell Waiters, Usha Shukla, Veronica Zavel, Vibrata Chromodoris, Victoria Veedell, Wen Xing, Xiao He, YouBeen Kim, and ZESHT.

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