"Art for the heart" collection

We’re excited to share our Valentine's Day collection "Art for the Heart.” This curated selection showcases a variety of affordable fine art prints and original paintings that celebrate love, art, and the profound connections they inspire. This Valentine's Day, forget flowers or fleeting gestures and gift a unique work of art that will continue to inspire and evoke love for years to come!

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How to Choose the Perfect Piece of Art for Your Valentine

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Original Artwork Under $250

Krista Fay's painting of a botanical plant
Usha Shukla's contemporary abstract painting

Original artwork under $500

Joel Villegas' colorful digital artwork,
Steve Javiel's
Jeremy Novy's spray paint of koi on wood panel
Ernie Steiner's pop surrealist portrait painting of female eyes

Original Artwork under $1,000

Renée Switkes' pink rose painting,
Steve Javiel's urban contemporary painting of a distressed train car with Love on it,
Jeremy Novy's spray paint of koi on window

Find Your

Heart's Masterpiece

Explore all available artwork from over 30 Bay Area artists and find the perfect piece within your budget. Happy Valentine's Day and happy art hunting!

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Statement works

Jennifer Banzaca's
The Tracy Piper's colorful figurative painting hands holding entitled
Steve Javiel's impressionist flower bouquet painting
Gale Hart's contemporary sculpture of an emoji with heart eyes
The Tracy Piper's portrait painting of 2 men embracing