The Tracy Piper "SEEN"

Pop-Up Show & Book Signing: Friday, Nov. 18th, 5PM-8PM
Showing thru: December 17, 2022

Voss Gallery
3344 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

The Tracy Piper's vibrant figurative eye painting "Anna Scott" is available at Voss Gallery, San Francisco for $250.

Voss Gallery presents "SEEN," a collaborative art project of 50 eye paintings by The Tracy Piper that were made during the month of October.

For this series, the artist organized an open call for her collectors, fans, and fellow artists to be featured as one of her models. Each participant answered the same question: What does it mean to feel seen? Each painting and response is now featured in the artist’s second book aptly titled “SEEN”, which is now available for preorder. The Tracy Piper will also be available for in-person signings during the event.

The paintings will be on view through Dec. 17th or until they're purchased. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6PM or by appointment.

"SEEN," as a project, is about giving that feeling to as many people as I could. The goal was to mark that we were here, that we felt something, and that we recorded this moment in time. ‘We’ being anyone who wanted to be a part of this project. It cost nothing to participate and only required a few minutes of their time, words, and signature. This book isn’t only my work, it’s the amalgamation of every participant: They answered the same question I did in their own words. Each page shares their authentic response.

My hope is that through these pages you'll find something that strikes you, something that shines a light and makes you feel seen.

If you own this book, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. To be invited into your universe makes me feel very seen. Cheers to all of us, may we forever have our place in history. May we always feel seen." —The Tracy Piper

THE TRACY PIPER (b. Oakland, CA, 1987) is a female-identifying, contemporary painter, muralist, author, and art activist. Best known for her vibrant portraits and figurative acrylic paintings, Tracy's illustrative work tackles social constructs in an abstract-realist style. She has shown at SCOPE and SELECT in Miami, FL; stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA; SCOPE New York, NY; and exhibits internationally. In 2017 Tracy competed on the GSNTV show “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” and emerged victorious! Her ten murals and public art projects spread positivity and inclusivity from East to West Coasts. She has published two books "Worthy" and "SEEN" with Voss Gallery Books. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts, CA and is represented by Voss Gallery in San Francisco, CA.