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SEEN 322

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SEEN 322, 2024
Acrylic on Canvas
10 x 10 x 1.5 in

Signed on Back

Model: Jade Muir


This work is part of The Tracy Piper's "SEEN 3," the third iteration of a collaborative art project of 50 eye paintings that were made during the Spring of 2024. For this series, the artist organized an open call for her collectors, fans, and fellow artists to be featured as one of her models. Each participant answered the same question: What does it mean to feel seen? Each painting and response is featured in the artist’s fourth book aptly titled “SEEN Volume 3."


"This has been such a huge topic for me lately and as of about 2021, when I realized I had childhood trauma, and needed to begin to heal myself, one of the things I learned along the way, is we all want to be seen and heard and this feels like an innate human condition at our core. The need for validation, to be seen and heard and to feel acceptance and belonging and to show other eyes the things we create. Being seen isn’t always about visually seeing. It’s internal, visceral and empathetic. 

The tricky part is finding the balance, and loving yourself enough, so that being validated doesn’t rule your life or become such a need, though I do think deep down it is our nature to want to be validated and to be seen. So what does it mean ? Well it seems to come in so many forms from a smile to a hug to someone just sitting down and listening to you talk. Being seen is a verb an act. Most people float along on the surface in our daily interactions with each other in life not really scratching below the surface. To me really being seen is to see of all of me. The good, the bad, the unpracticed, the messy, the irrational and the rational, and even the parts of me that I can’t even see, but others can. My faults and shortcomings as well as my strengths. Being seen means holding space, space for all the parts and facets of a person, and their entire essence. In order for a person to fully see another- it feels like a part of them must be in touch truly with themselves and they must be capable of empathy. But sometimes it just comes in the form of a glance or smile. It’s the feeling behind those gestures like a mutual understanding in that moment that I think is the meaning of really being seen. I also feel like that definition will grow to be more robust in years to come, on this long healing journey of rebalance ahead for me and maybe being seen and seeing others starts with internal gratitude for the precious moments we get to experience in this life."Jade Muir


Learn more about The Tracy Piper and her vibrant figurative paintings.


Artwork is ready to hang on the wall; hanging wire is secured on the back (nail and hook needed). Dust raw canvas with a clean, soft brush and HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean. Using a new, clean brush prevents transfer of grime from previous dustings.


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