"Unknown Blur," a colorful abstract female portrait by Jayne Foster is available at Voss Gallery, San Francisco for $600.

Jayne Foster



      Jayne Foster grew up in a small town just north of London in the UK. She has always loved creating, and spent much of her youth drawing, painting and making. Over the years she became fascinated with the representation of clothing, which gradually evolved into a love of fashion, and she embarked upon her studies in fashion and textile design. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion and textiles at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication before attending the Royal College of Art, where she earned her Masters degree in Womenswear Design. At the Royal College of Art, she explored a multitude of techniques, focusing on drawing, illustration and textiles. Whilst working as a fashion designer in London she began to study printmaking at Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, where she discovered the etching press and embarked upon a new approach to her practice.

      After moving to California in 2012, she made a conscious move to focus on her love of printmaking. She began studying the technical aspects of the craft in great detail and developed a signature approach which is evident in much of her current work. She began an Artist-in-Residence program at the Kala Art Institute and continues to produce much of her work from that studio. Her knowledge and experience of fashion, textiles and illustration forms the backbone of her practice, and through her work she explores rich uses of colour, texture and pattern.


      This collection of Jayne's work brings together abstracted female portraits which explore femininity, identity and the power of clothing to portray or camouflage different versions of oneself. There are hints of recognizable elements in each portrait; a suggestion of a face, some jewelry or semi identifiable aspects of clothing. Although abstract, each composition is grounded in a strong female form, giving each unknown portrait a beguiling, and individual sense of identity.

      6 works

      6 works