"Park" by HiERICBRO, a dog portrait painting available at Voss Gallery in San Francisco for $800.


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Park, 2024
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 24 x 1.5 in


"San Francisco - a West Coast jewel, twisted but loved. Fog whispers secrets and Karl, the ever-present mist, feels more like a comforting blanket than a foe. My corgi, Sumi, a fireplug with a bark that could shatter the silence, strains at the leash. The park beckons, a symphony of unseen scents calling him to adventure."—HiERICBRO

This work is included in the "Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story" group exhibition at Voss Gallery (July 13 - August 17, 2024).


Eric Broers is originally from Chicago and moved to San Francisco in 2006. He settled in the art community of Hayes Valley. His media of choice include sumi, gouache, acrylic, spray paint and brushes.

Finding less is more, Eric uses a minimal color palette for his hand painted animals. Highlights are created by allowing the paper to peek through the piece.
He is now painting murals in his neighborhood and beyond. The graphic elements lend themselves to larger scale. More about the bridges to walls project can be found here.
There is a sense of mischief and humor behind the wild eyes he paints. Using leather jackets and humanistic traits, it's easy to see yourself in many of Eric's creations. 


Artwork is ready to hang on the wall; hanging wire is secured on the back (nail and hook needed). Dust raw canvas with a clean, soft brush and HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean. Using a new, clean brush prevents transfer of grime from previous dustings.


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