"Maritime Museum Tiles" by Nathaniel J. Bice, a contemporary Maritime Museum painting available at Voss Gallery in San Francisco for $1,400.

Maritime Museum Tiles

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Maritime Museum Tiles, 2024
Acrylic and Wax Medium on Wood Panel
20 x 16 in


"The Maritime Museum is one of my favorite places in the city, and it’s the site of the first big project I worked on when I decided I was going to stay permanently in the city: the 24 hour Moby Dick Marathon. I love the history of the building, how it was made to be a place for the people and had WPA artists making these amazing murals and mosaics, and when it was sold off to private interests the artists walked off the job, leaving the tiling undone. My piece references that by leaving the top corner of the painting unfinished. I feel connected to the WPA artists as a working-class artist myself, and I believe that the city should be full of beautiful, art-filled spaces that are for everyone."Nathaniel J. Bice

This work is included in the "Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story" group exhibition at Voss Gallery (July 13 - August 17, 2024).


Nathaniel J. Bice is a painter, scale model builder, and printmaker in San Francisco. His plein air gouache paintings explore and celebrate the natural and built environments of the San Francisco Bay Area through simplification, light, and atmosphere.


Artwork is ready to hang on the wall; hanging wire is secured on the back (nail and hook needed). Dust raw canvas with a clean, soft brush and HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean. Using a new, clean brush prevents transfer of grime from previous dustings.


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