View Voss Gallery's collection of artwork by The Tracy Piper and Gale Hart at SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach 2021.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2021


      Voss Gallery (Booth #E013)

      The Tracy Piper and Gale Hart are at the forefront of the New Contemporary, a genre that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement, leading the charge of a cultural shift in the art market. Piper’s illustrative work at SCOPE Art Show disrupts social constructs by focusing on inclusivity and representation of women from a female perspective, continuing the artist’s legacy of art activism. Hart's latest work merges her technical mastery of sculpture and contortionist’s command of industrial materials with a Pop Art palette of contemporary street symbology to examine identity, impermanence, shapeshifting and myth-making in American culture.

      31 works

      31 works