Contemporary Urban artist, John Osgood painting a mural of a bird.

John Osgood



      John Osgood (b. 1977) is a contemporary urban artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work incorporates visual and stylistic elements of street art, graffiti, pop culture and cubism to depict the human condition. Osgood layers a combination of acrylic, aerosol, and oil paint on either canvas or wood panel to create his vibrant and textural paintings. This process-oriented approach mirrors the multifaceted nature of memory and the collective human experience. Osgood holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University with a minor in Fine Arts. He participates in exhibitions across the US and his murals can be found along the West Coast, UK, and Spain.


      In Osgood's latest work, cubist characters and animated birds are suspended in saturated colorscapes. Geometric shapes are compressed into intricate abstraction. Edgy and surreal, these compound compositions defy gravity and time. In “Persevere,” a fragmented figure fights the foreground to connect with viewers. Multiple eyes and facial features compete for recognition amongst a myriad of colors and patterns. A commanding presence, the subject dares to be identified. Osgood embeds subtle clues within each work in the form of text and symbols. Perhaps these broken words are memories of a personal past–or a glimpse into an idealized future? Ripe for interpretation, Osgood's contemporary urban paintings are a potent reminder that different viewers see different facetsas reflected, refracted, and bonded by our own internal lives.

      “The process of creation is cathartic; akin to journaling. I use texture, layering, and vibrant colors along with words and symbols to produce a story. While the majority of paintings in this body of work have a representational side to them, the backgrounds have hidden gems waiting for deeper inspection. While my paintings are deeply personal, I paint them to be interpreted in various ways. My intention is to find commonality in the human experience and what connects us all.” —John Osgood.

      Exhibitions at Voss Gallery: 2023, "Reflect.Renew.Rebirth" (Duo); 2023, "Postcards from Paradise" (Group)2022, "February Favorites" (Group); 2021, "Layers" (Duo); 2020, "BASL" (Group); 2020, "Through the Looking-Glass" (Group); 2020, "In Plain Sight" (Solo); 2019, "The Essentials" (Group)

      2 works

      2 works