Unveiling the Stories Behind the “Art for the Heart” Valentine’s Collection

Immerse yourself in the beauty of art this Valentine's Day with our “Art for the Heart” collection, a visually enchanting selection of fine art prints and originals that are more than mere artworks—they're chapters in a broader narrative penned by talented Bay Area artists. Each work is a unique story celebrating the myriad forms of love and connection that resonate with us all.

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Join us as we delve into the “Art for the Heart” series, where we engage in enlightening conversations with featured artists Ernie Steiner, Ingrid V. Wells, Jennifer Banzaca, John Osgood, Malisa Suchanya, Nala Kun, and The Tracy Piper. Discover the inspirations and personal stories that shape their captivating works, and learn how they see their art as a beacon of connection this Valentine's Day. Through their eyes, we explore the intricate dance between art, love, and human emotion, offering a deeper understanding of the creative force that drives them to capture the multifaceted essence of love in their work.

Two smiling women embracing at an art gallery event, one wearing a vibrant coral coat and patterned dress, the other in a chic leather jacket and white turtleneck, with a colorful abstract painting in the background, symbolizing community engagement and art appreciation at Voss Gallery gatherings.

Ernie Steiner on Finding Inspiration in Urban Landscapes 

AV: Ernie, can you tell us what sparked the inspiration for your vibrant works featured in the “Art for the Heart” collection?

ES: Graffiti I recently encountered sparked my inspiration for the paintings included in this collection. The sheer vibrancy and the way those loose, quick strokes of neon paint lit up the wall brought a smile to my face. I aimed to capture that same feeling of joy and excitement in a different medium. My hope is for these works to evoke feelings of happiness and exhilaration in viewers, making it especially fitting for Valentine's Day—a time for gratitude and celebration, whether with significant others or friends.

AV: Your work “Under the Rough Exterior” explores themes of romance and intimacy. Can you delve into the concept behind this work?

ES: “Under the Rough Exterior” explores themes of romance and deep, intimate understanding between friends or lovers. It's about the profound connection and insights gained only through truly knowing another person. I believe art holds a unique power to convey diverse messages to each viewer, adding to its beauty. My aspiration is for my work to bring a smile to your face and to remind you to cherish the relationships in your life.

Vibrant San Francisco gallery scene with a woman in a bright pink blazer, joyfully presenting colorful contemporary art at Voss Gallery.

Ingrid V. Wells on Capturing the Essence of Girlhood and Playfulness in Art

AV: Ingrid, your paintings "Pink Dreams," "Thoughts Are Things," and "Knowing How to Please" carry a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary themes. What draws you to these subjects?

IVW: My journey into these pieces began with a dive into the heart of girlhood memories and the power of thoughts. "Pink Dreams" emerged from exploring the playful side of the '90s, invoking the playfuness of barrettes and Barbie doll shoes, aiming to elevate the fleeting moments of girlhood through the timeless medium of oil. This exploration led me to "Sweet Fascination," a solo exhibition where I expanded on these themes, creating a visual dialogue about the innocent yet profound moments that shape us.

In "Thoughts Are Things," meditation and the tangible impact of our thoughts inspired me. It’s a visual exploration of how dainty images, like daisies, can represent powerful manifestations. This piece is a reminder of the potency of our thoughts, encouraging viewers to nurture only those that bloom into something beautiful.

"Knowing How to Please" captures the essence of being the perfect host, embodying the spirit of Galentine's and celebratory gatherings. It's about the vibrancy that rejuvenates relationships and the unwavering attention to detail that makes every moment memorable.

AV: How do you hope your work resonates with viewers, especially during Valentine’s Day?

IVW: My aim is for these works to evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia, to remind viewers of simpler times and the unspoken bonds of friendship and love. On Valentine's Day, these pieces serve as a beacon of light, a celebration of love's playful and tender moments. "Thoughts Are Things" is particularly poignant, symbolizing the careful selection of companions and lovers, reminding us of the standards we set for those we hold dear.

AV: Are there any other insights about your pieces in the “Art for the Heart” collection you'd like to share?

IVW: These paintings, from "Pink Dreams" to "Knowing How to Please," are explorations into the intricate dance of nostalgia, girlhood, and the vibrant journey of thoughts. They're invitations to delve into the colorful tapestry of life, celebrating the playful, the thoughtful, and the joyous moments that connect us all.

Vibrant abstract floral painting by Jennifer Banzaca, titled 'Big Bloom', featuring a dynamic array of vividly colored organic shapes and patterns on a blue background, available at Voss Gallery San Francisco.

Jennifer Banzaca on Emerging from Darkness with Love

AV: Jennifer, your paintings featured in the Valentine’s collection seem to be inspired by nature's resilience. Can you share the story behind these creations?

JB: The "Art for the Heart" collection comprises three paintings that share a common inspiration—each was crafted during the tentative emergence from the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. Captivated by the notion of "emerging" and "blooming" from the darkness, my focus shifted towards flowers and plants, delving into Floriography and Victorian symbolism associated with them. In "Big Bloom," I meld abstract petals and plant shapes, creating a visual explosion into space, held together by a delicate ribbon.

In "Emerge," I depicted a composition ascending from a dark sea, integrating abstract petals inspired by carnations (symbolizing gratitude), snake plants (offering protection from negativity), and pothos leaves (associated with good luck). Using vibrant colors, I aimed to convey a sense of joyful emergence from darkness.

Simultaneously conceived with "Emerge," "Into View" complements its theme. When viewed side by side, these paintings depict an abstract plant-joy creature rising from obscurity. Together, these three artworks narrate a compelling story of ascending and expressing joy in an abstract and harmonious manner.

AV: These three paintings beautifully integrate themes of joy and rebirth. How do you hope viewers will connect with these themes, especially in the context of Valentine's Day and beyond?

JB: I aim to evoke a sense of happiness and joy as a reminder of life's brighter aspects. Specifically, on Valentine's Day, I envision my work fostering a connection with the emotions associated with love and the celebration of vibrant, uplifting colors. Ultimately, I hope my work inspires individuals to appreciate and embrace the beauty surrounding them, both in the paintings themselves and the world at large.

I believe through colors, shapes, and textures, that art conveys complex and abstract emotions, offering a visual language that resonates on a deep, emotional level. Art becomes a powerful medium for individuals to communicate and comprehend feelings that might otherwise remain elusive or difficult to verbalize.

Colorful acrylic and aerosol painting by John Osgood titled 'How Far Do You Look,' featuring an abstract bird in flight against a dynamic geometric background, available at Voss Gallery San Francisco.

John Osgood on the Simplicity and Complexity of Choices

AV: John, your paintings "Directional Intent" and "How Far Do You Look" reflect deep contemplation on life's decisions. How do these themes influence your art?

JO: In "Directional Intent," I aim to capture the essence of contemplation through the image of a bird poised to make life-defining choices—journeying, seeking companionship, finding sustenance, or securing safety. This bird symbolizes the grace found in simplicity and the universal decisions shaping our existence, encouraging a minimalist approach to life's complexities for harmony and fulfillment.

Similarly, "How Far Do You Look" challenges the viewer to consider their focus—urging mindfulness and gratitude for the present rather than chasing elusive ideals. It emphasizes the beauty of the now, suggesting that a shift in perspective can enrich our well-being significantly.

Both works are inspired by the resilience and adaptability of birds, serving as metaphors for human experiences. They invite introspection on the simplicity of choices and the beauty surrounding us, advocating for a life lived with clarity, purpose, and appreciation for the present moment's richness.

AV: Moving on to "Navigation Harmony & Health" and "Velocity & Vibrancy," how do these works further explore the themes of interconnectedness and the beauty of nature's cycles in your art?

JO: In "Navigation Harmony & Health" and "Velocity & Vibrancy," I delve into the interconnectedness of life and nature's cycles. These pieces celebrate the symphony of nature, highlighting birds in flight and their role in pollination, symbolizing movement and life's continuity. Abstract shapes and a layered background add complexity, representing life's unpredictable journey and the cycles of birth, growth, decay, and renewal. Inspired by the balance sustaining life on Earth, these artworks invite reflection on our place within this harmonious dance and the interconnected web of existence.

"Velocity & Vibrancy" captures a moment of interaction between a hummingbird and flowers, embodying joy and the transient beauty of nature. The use of triangles symbolizes balance and unity within the ecosystem, emphasizing harmony between all elements. This piece, imbued with themes of love and joy, invites viewers to appreciate the simple, yet profound, connections that bind us to the natural world and each other.

 Malisa Suchanya's 2020 evocative acrylic painting 'Pull Me From Dark Waters' on wood panel, featuring a serene subject embraced by hands against a backdrop of dark aquatic flora, available for purchase at Voss Gallery, San Francisco.

Malisa Suchanya on The Healing Power of Art and Connection

AV: Malisa, can you discuss the inspiration behind your tondo painting “Pull Me From Dark Waters” featured in the collection?

MS: "Pull Me From Dark Waters" embodies moments when we're ensnared in hardship, highlighting the importance of leaning on those who know and love us for support. It reflects my personal journey towards embracing vulnerability and trusting others in my lowest times. My hope is that it serves as a reminder: we're not islands, and it's crucial to rely on and trust in our loved ones.

AV: Delving deeper into this work’s themes of love and support. How do you see the role of love, beyond the romantic, in navigating life's challenges as depicted in your art?

MS: I think this is my understanding of the purest form of love. It's not exactly romantic, but it's because I love these people, and they love me back so deeply and hold space for me to understand my needs. When you have people who will stand by you when you are at your worst—your messiest, at your most broken, and they are there to help pick up the pieces—is when you feel the most loved. Because it isn't easy, it's not fun. It can be heartbreaking. But it's through their love for us that they can show up and be that support.

I believe art is a way to harness the invisible, the insights, the experiences of life and illuminate it. It serves as a reflection of the human experience and allows others to input their narrative and understanding. Art can use symbols, colors, and textures to highlight a mood, a feeling, or a shared truth without actually saying anything.

Happy couple sharing a joyful embrace at an art gallery event, with the man in a stylish blue blazer and woman holding a bouquet of white flowers, conveying celebration and happiness in San Francisco.

Nala Kun on Abstract Representations of Intimacy

AV: Nala, your work “Midnight Kiss Cookie” presents a unique take on depicting love. What inspired this piece?

NK: Through “Midnight Kiss Cookie,” I sought to encapsulate the raw intensity and connection found in an abstract, inverted portrayal of a kiss between two silhouetted figures. The bold and vivid colors intertwine effortlessly, setting a scene that's both dynamic and laden with emotion. This piece's unique take on the orientation of a kiss offers a fresh perspective, encouraging viewers to delve into the intricacies of love and intimacy as seen through the vibrant world of abstract art.

AV: How do “Secret Cookie Kiss” and “The Golden Cupcake” further explore themes of love and connection?

NK: In “Secret Cookie Kiss” and “The Golden Cupcake” paintings I explore the enigmatic beauty of connection and the essence of a kiss, where intimate moments between two beings merge like waves into unity and harmony. These works, through a silent dance of formless figures and tender brushstrokes, unveil a hidden ballet of love. They radiate the energy of deep intimacy, intertwining figures in a passionate embrace that speaks volumes in the silence of love’s unspoken language. Both pieces invite viewers to immerse themselves in the transcendent emotions of connection, offering a glimpse into the subtle dance and quiet whispers of a profoundly shared bond.

Three art enthusiasts enjoying an exhibition, posing with vibrant pop art portraits in the background, showcasing a lively art scene at Voss Gallery, San Francisco.

The Tracy Piper on Love in Every Form

AV: Tracy, your series of hand paintings and personal experiences offer a rich exploration of love. How do you see art as a medium for expressing this complex emotion?

TTP: Love is the driving force behind my art, a fundamental aspect of life that takes many shapes. My hand paintings are a deep dive into human connections, highlighting the importance of small acts of kindness and support. "A Kindness" is a reflection on the power of lifting each other up, finding love in the simplest gestures. "A Reminder" is about self-affirmation and remembering our worth, inspired by my own journey towards self-acceptance. "All I Ever Wanted," influenced by Depeche Mode’s song, embodies the profound silence of love, showing that sometimes, all we need is the quiet comfort of being held. Through my work, I aim to express the multifaceted nature of love and the vital connections that bind us.

AV: You've previously shared how your personal journey, especially becoming a mother, has deepened your engagement with the theme of love in your art. Can you expand on how these life experiences have shaped your approach to creating and the healing power you see in art?

TTP: When I started really leaning into this concept of love in all its forms was after I became pregnant back in 2015. I started asking everyone I knew what they needed growing up, in the hopes that I could come to motherhood a little more prepared. But what I found was a larger calling, that my art could also do this immense healing that we are all looking for. It really does matter, so tell people you love them, and love with you whole heart, you never know what it could mean to the people around you.

Art is what you turn to first when you have a feeling you can’t quite express. We look for poems in love and in death, we listen to music when we need to feel our feels, and we turn to art to see a vision of what is or what could be, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Art is a powerful tool that truly goes beyond explanation.

AV: Lastly, what does Valentine's Day mean to you in the context of art and expression?

TTP: Choosing art as a Valentine's Day gift adds a deeply personal touch to a holiday often overwhelmed by commercialism. It's a gesture that goes beyond the fleeting appeal of chocolates or flowers, offering something enduring and supportive of artists' careers. This act of giving not only decorates the spaces we share but also fosters a sense of community and goodwill. In my view, gifting art is a heartfelt way to express love, making it a perfect, lasting addition to anyone’s home.

Warm embrace between two friends sharing a joyful moment at a San Francisco art gallery event, with whimsical contemporary art in the background, promoting local artists at Voss Gallery.

The "Art for the Heart" collection offers a diverse exploration of love, capturing everything from the intensity of new romance to the quietude of long-term companionship. Each artwork serves as a conversation starter, inviting viewers into a rich exchange of interpretations and emotional connections, allowing personal love stories to unfold and intertwine with the visual narratives.

Sharing the stories behind these featured works reveal the profound impact of understanding their origins, elevating their beauty to symbolize the depth of human connections. We encourage you to explore this collection, either in person or online, to find that special artwork that doesn't just catch your eye but also echoes the unique story of your heart!

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