Photograph of The Tracy Piper, a contemporary figurative painter represented by Voss Gallery in San Francisco.

The Tracy Piper



      The Tracy Piper (b. Oakland, CA, 1987) is a female-identifying, contemporary painter, muralist, author and art activist. Best known for her vibrant portraits and figurative acrylic paintings, Piper’s illustrative work tackles social constructs in an abstract-realist style. She has shown at SCOPE and SELECT in Miami, FL; stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; SCOPE New York, NY; and exhibits internationally. In 2017 Tracy competed on the GSNTV show “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” and emerged victorious! Tracy’s murals span both coasts with a focus on positive and inclusive messaging. Her debut book "Worthy," along with the latest "SEEN" and "SEEN Vol. 2," are available through Voss Gallery Books. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts and is represented by Voss Gallery.

      "I jumped headfirst into fine art with a mission to make art that matters. It’s a passion driven from my own experiences and hardships, and if I can provide a platform with a paintbrush then I am doing something right in this world. Every piece strives for connection, a place for community and dialog about the world around us." The Tracy Piper

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      Exhibitions at Voss Gallery: 2023, "All the Feels" (Solo); 2023, "SEEN Volume 2" (Solo); 2022, "SEEN" (Solo)2022, "Bloom" (Solo); 2022, "February Favorites" (Group); 2020, "BASL" (Group); 2020 "Down the Rabbit Hole" (Solo); 2020 "All I Need" (Solo); 2019, "The Essentials" (Group)

      Partnerships & Pop-Up Events with Voss Gallery: 2023, Angler's Art Basel Event; 2022, Moxy Art Basel Event; 2021, SCOPE Art Show

      170 works

      170 works