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Postcards from Paradise


"Postcards from Paradise" is a juried group exhibition of letter-size paintings by more than 70 artists that celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and how we connect with one another. A Juror’s Choice Award and two honorable mentions will be selected by guest juror Haylee Barsky, the curator and founder of Visionary Projects in New York, NY.

The show is on view through July 1, 2023. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6PM or by appointment.

Participating artists include: Alex Hagerty, Alice Koswara, Amy Hutcheson, Amy McKay, Angela Han, Angela Myers, Anna Mathai, Annika James, Ben Benet, Cat Gutierrez, Dominique Guevara, Donna Fenstermaker, Durba Sen, Elaine Pratt, Eli The Man, Emily Cate Sabree, Ferran Torras, Fuzz E Grant, Gustavo Castillo, Heather Robinson, Ingrid V. Wells, Jason Villegas, Jen LaVita, Jennika Bastian, Jenny Wantuch, Joanna Chrys, Joey Deruy, John Osgood, Jordan Holms, Joseph Kosdrosky, Julianne W. Sterling, Kim Brewer, KNZN, Krista Fay, Kuntal, Lana Köhn, Laura Paladini, Laurie Baars, Luciano Roque, Mark George, Mark Hamer, Mary Southall, Meg Moriarty, Meghan Lewis MacLeod, Meuffy, Michael Acker, Michele de la Menardiere, Mila Kirillova, Natalie Dadamio, Nathalie Lendermann, Paul Torres, Pencil Roots by Varsha, Rachel Znerold, Ron Robles, Roseanne Chao, Roxanne Brodeur Young, Sabin Filip, Sarah Farris, Sarah Grimm, Scott Sager, Shrey Purohit, Sicerra, Sofa, Steve Javiel, Steven Stodor, Stu Postiglione, Usha Shukla, Veronica Zavel, Victoria Veedell, Xiao He, and YouBeen Kim.

2 works

2 works