The Tracy Piper Energizes Miami Art Week with Voss Gallery at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel During Art Basel 2023

Portrait of contemporary figurative artist, The Tracy Piper standing in front of her paintings at Voss Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Interview with the artist about the Collaboration and what she's most looking forward to during Miami Art Week

As Miami Art Week approaches, the streets of Miami buzz with anticipation for the exuberant creative expressions set to unfold this December coinciding with Art Basel from December 5-10th, 2023! At the core of this artistic excitement is a vibrant collaboration between Voss Gallery and The Tracy Piper at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel in the world-famous Art Deco district, poised to add a dynamic splash to the festivities! 

Known for her vivid color palettes and captivating figurative paintings, Tracy is no stranger to the spotlight of Miami's illustrious art scene. Most recently with Voss Gallery, the artist left a lasting impression during Art Basel 2022 by hosting a memorable afterparty with Moxy South Beach, following her acclaimed feature with the gallery's premier exhibition at SCOPE Art Show in 2021.

This year we’re excited for our partnership with Kimpton Angler’s Hotel to bring an added layer of wonder and connectivity to Miami Art Week. The design-driven hotel is elevating its year-round Art in Residence program designed to connect guests to the world of art and culture through approachable and intimate experiences.

In anticipation of this unforgettable collaboration, I sat down with the renowned artist to explore her artistic inspirations, vision for the collaboration, and what she's most looking forward to during Miami Art Week.

Ashley Voss, the owner/director of Voss Gallery, and contemporary figurative artist The Tracy Piper sit down to discuss their Miami Art Week 2023 plans at the Moxy Hotel in South Beach.

AV: Over the past three years, our collaborative exhibitions and pop-up events have become a staple during Miami Art Week, and this year's lineup is especially exciting! Can you share with us how the partnership with Kimpton Angler’s Hotel in South Beach is integral to bringing your vision of “art for everyone” to life, and perhaps give us a hint of how this venue might influence or amplify the experience for attendees?

TTP: Miami Art Week is my favorite time of year! It's a special time when the global art world descends to Miami and becomes fully immersed in art. I’ve been attending this event since 2015, and every year I try to up the ante with my exhibitions and pop-up events. This year will be no exception, and I want to make sure everyone feels included with our theme "art is for everyone!"

Our partnership with Kimpton Angler’s Hotel in South Beach is super exciting because it's near the main attractions of Miami Art Week and Art Basel. I've also stayed at this property many times over the years and especially love how bustling the neighborhood is, while also serving as a calm oasis…because let’s face it, you need to sleep sometime! What truly excited me for this yearaside from all the amazing events we have plannedis that we're activating Miami not just at this hotel, but we're bringing the experience of Art Basel to the kids at Lotus House. If you’ve been following my career, you know that I truly believe that art is for everyone, and having the opportunity to do this kind of outreach with a property like Angler’s partnering with me is a strong alignment of this ideal to raise awareness for the women and children's shelter.

Then on Thursday December 7th I have the pleasure of hosting an Art Basel Happy Hour at Angler's Minnow Bar with you and Voss Gallery. The event will be a fun gathering where the art industryart enthusiasts, artists, collectors, and curators from all over the worldcan meet and mingle after most art fairs close in an elegant setting. The event is free to attend and is not to be overlooked for those interested in the intersection of art and industry in a fabulous atmosphere!

We’ll also have three large public murals for anyone and everyone to interact with, as well as a couple other goodies we will announce along the way. I believe that art should be accessible, and this collaboration is a great way to share art with others while highlighting all the amenities the hotel offers.

The Tracy Piper's large-scale public banner titled "Earthly Delights" will be showcased on the Kimpton Angler's Hotel property during Miami Art Week 2023.

AV: Your large-scale murals are set to transform different areas of Angler’s property into vibrant canvases that captivate the eye. Considering these banners serve as both iconic backdrops and interactive installations, could you share the emotions and thoughts you aim to invoke in people who encounter your art? Also, what kind of dialogue do you hope to spark between the viewers and your murals when they pause to reflectnot to mention capture a quick selfie!

TTP: These large-scale banners feature a trio of hand paintings I created from 2020 to 2022, each one celebrating community and love. “Earthly Delights” captures hands intertwined, a poignant reminder that we can find paradise in life's simplest moments. “Lean on Me” offers a heartfelt message of mutual support during tough times. And “I Love You III” conveys warmth and affection in American Sign Language, embodying a powerful yet straightforward gesture of inclusivity. My aspiration is for these three works to inspire togetherness, a shared appreciation for art, and the beauty of color. If my banners catch your eye, please tag me on Instagram (@thetracypiper)I love seeing others engage with my art and enjoy featuring these special moments on my feed!

Contemporary figurative artist, The Tracy Piper posing with two fans at her Art Basel Afterparty event at the Moxy Hotel in South Beach during Miami Art Week 2022.

AV: The Art Basel Happy Hour you’re hosting at Angler's on Thursday, Dec. 7th is going to be a social highlight of Miami Art Week, offering a unique opportunity for guests to network with other artists, curators, and creatives involved in the arts community. What conversations are you most looking forward to having with attendees?

TTP: What I truly cherish about working with Voss Gallery is our shared commitment to connecting with the community in ways that extend beyond traditional gallery spaces. Our past pop-up events, like the unforgettable Art Basel After Party at Moxy South Beach, are great examples of this approach. These gatherings are more than events; they're a rare opportunity for lively, candid conversations about the pulse of the art worlda fusion of fun and insight that's surprisingly uncommon. They also offer emerging artists, avid collectors, and art enthusiasts a welcoming space to network and share in the collective spirit of the journey we're all on. The atmosphere is nothing but positive energy, providing a moment to relax, reflect on our achievements, and anticipate future horizons. Cheers to coming together and celebrating the vibrant art lifejoin us and be part of the excitement!

AV: The Minnow Bar at Angler's is crafting custom cocktails specially for the happy hour, adding a splash of creativity to the event! If you were to translate the essence of your art into a cocktail, what ingredients would you useand most importantly, what whimsical name would capture its spirit?

TTP: A cocktail inspired by my artwork would be colorfuldefinitely something with a rainbow twist. It would be an experience in a glass, dazzling to the eye, but with an unexpected depth of flavor that reveals itself with the first sip. I’m a sucker for anything tequila, so it packs a lil punch too. It’d be named “Worth It!”

Three Art Basel Happy Hour attendees reading The Tracy Piper's book "Worthy" during our pop-up show at Moxy Hotel in South Beach during Miami Art Week.

AV: Your fine art book “Worthy,” published in collaboration with Voss Gallery Books, is a title that immediately evokes a sense of value and esteem. Can you share the inspiration and story behind this book?

TTP: “Worthy” was the first book I ever published; it serves as a call to action for all of us to find our own worthiness. The book features my notable paintings that I created between 2018-2020 which were when I came back to my career after taking time off to raise my child. My work has always explored themes about self worth, love, and community but after giving birth and becoming a mom, I really leaned into these themes. I believe we’re all truly worthy, and I’m so glad we are alive on this earth!

I'm also excited to share that the first 20 people to attend our upcoming Art Basel Happy Hour at Angler’s will receive a free, signed copy of this book as a token of appreciation because art is for everyone!

AV: The collaborative outreach event with Lotus House will be very impactful. Reflecting on your experiences, how do you think art influences the development and healing of children, particularly within the nurturing environment of Lotus House?

TTP: I’ve participated in major art fairs during Miami Art Week, and one thing I’ve noticed is the disparity between these mega art events and the actual Miami community. The overarching theme for our collaboration is “Art for Everyone” and with this event we’re encouraging kids to “Make their Mark” on the world. We will be making original paintings, coloring custom illustrations I made, and donating art supplies to Lotus House to use after the event. At the end of the day we’re going to have a ton of fun, and encourage the next generation of art makers to make their mark on the future of the art world and community!

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Friends attending The Tracy Piper and Voss Gallery's Art Basel Happy Hour event during Miami Art Week 2022 at Moxy South Beach.

AV: Miami Art Week is a bustling time; how do you prepare yourself for the energy and interaction of such a dynamic crowdespecially when hosting events?

TTP: Nothing prepares you! But seriously, the best advice I have is to remember to eat, stay hydrated, and try to get a little sleep. There is always so much to do and so much to see, but you need to remember to make yourself a priority!

For events themselves, I like to take a little time before the event to fuel up with food, and review what it is exactly we are hosting. I’ll look at what we want to convey, check out who’s coming and triple check I haven’t forgotten anything! It’s important to me that events build everyone up and that everyone feels welcome and has fun!

AV: When you’re not hosting events and attending art fairs, what’s your favorite way to unwind during Miami Art Week?

TTP: At the pooland Angler’s has the best pool in my opinion. This year I’m treating myself to a Cabana on Saturday when most of my work duties are done. Truthfully though, you’ll find me lounging on a chair poolside almost everyday in between events, because nothing is better than the Miami air and sunshine with a cocktail in hand!

Contemporary figurative painter, The Tracy Piper and friends celebrating Art Basel at Moxy South Beach during Miami Art Week.

If you’re attending Miami Art Week this year, we hope you will join us for The Tracy Piper’s Art Basel Happy Hour on Thursday, Dec. 7th, from 5-8 PM at the Minnow Bar, located within Kimpton Angler’s Hotel in South Beach.

To get a head start on the festivities, we encourage you to learn more about the artist and view Tracy's available work on our websiteperhaps you'll find a piece that speaks to you! Please contact us to learn more about our worldwide shipping and no interest payment plans. For all the latest updates, insider tips, and exclusive content, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter

We can't wait to welcome you to Miami and celebrate the magic of art together!