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Marc Scheff's golf leaf self-portrait "Woke" is available for purchase at Voss Gallery for $3500

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Woke, 2020
Resin, Oil & Gold Leaf
16 x 16 x 1.5 in

Signed on Back


"This piece is the first I’ve done during the pandemic. As these times have amplified and revealed the many kinds of oppression rampant in America, I have been stymied. These issues are what I think and read and talk about, for years. And I question my own role in this moment. How do I talk about issues that are important to me but don’t oppress me? So many white men seek to be a voice for others who can and should speak for themselves. I think we should make space rather than take it up. So, what do _I_ create to be an ally and not to appropriate the lived experience of others?

I _think_ I can amplify those voices by sharing my perspective. As open as I believe my eyes are, I learn every day that there is so much I don’t see. I’ve spent a long time, well before this moment, seeking to be an ally to others, as a friend, a mentor, a student, a fan. However I’ve come to learn that without the lived experience in a BIPOC or LGBTQ or female body, the very act of speaking exacerbates the dynamics of power that permeate our culture. I’ve listened and read and followed and paid attention and I’m confident that in this instance, I can not create work without it being somehow at its core a misstep.

Yet this work is how I contribute to the conversation.

I’ve recently opened up a dialog with a family member who doesn’t share my views. This has been challenging, frustrating, and disappointing. It has also been productive and excellent practice. Through these conversations I have had to clarify my views, do more research, and understand the mechanics of a broken system in order to understand how we dismantle it.

I don’t have answers. That’s not even my place. I have a lot more questions and a lot more listening ahead."—Marc Scheff


Marc Scheff is an award-winning artist based in New York City known for his unique dimensional conceptual portraits in layers of resin.


Artwork is ready to hang on the wall (small nail needed). Dust with a microfiber cloth to clean.


This work is included in "Through the Looking-Glass" a group exhibition showing August 5 - September 5, 2020 at Voss Gallery. If purchased, the work will be available after the exhibition starting on Sunday, September 6th.

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