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Taurus, 2021
Oil on Canvas
40 x 30 x 1.5 in


Art is a method of communication that Sofia has always resonated strongly with. Mostly working with oil paint, but also using acrylic, epoxy resin, graphite, ink, and clay to bring her work into existence. As she gains experiences through travel and personal relationships, Sofia continuously uses art to represent the emotional connection that she has to those memories. Nature and empowered women are often represented in her work, subjects that share a duality of vulnerability and strength in the most beautiful way. She enjoys combining the two subjects to demonstrate this dichotomy. Sofia also has a deep love for animals. Spending hours of attention on every detail, down to the texture of a feather or fur, is her way of honoring the creatures she exhibits, as she feels it is more and more necessary to do so in today’s global climate.

Sofia believes that it is the artist' unique view and expression within the brushstrokes and color choices that brings the painting to life, Doing this allows Sofia to be spontaneous in her creations and gives her the freedom to choose bold colors and more expressive marks that make her pieces unique.

Struggling with ADHD throughout most of her school career, Sofia realized that art was an exception to the frustration she often found with other activities due to ADHD. The art she shares is the outcome of the freedom she feels from that.


Artwork is ready to hang on the wall; hanging wire is secured on the back (nail and hook needed). Dust raw canvas with a clean, soft brush and HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean. Using a new, clean brush prevents transfer of grime from previous dustings.


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