Trent Thompson in his studion. View available works at Voss Gallery, San Francisco.

Trent Thompson


      Contemporary Urban Artist

      TRENT THOMPSON (b. 1995) is a dynamic artist and social entrepreneur based in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Born and raised in Rochester New York, childhood trips to contemporary museums and city streets exposed “E Trent” to the diverse creative potential of reinventing space through artwork. His work incorporates the bright chaos of street art with explosions of incandescent color filtered through a perspective of a more traditionally trained artist. Trent has sought to set himself apart not only through his portfolio but by the way his projects incorporate themselves into the community.

      "In this series I seek to reveal unseen layers. Creating a sculptural element to an otherwise two-dimensional medium and an in-depth look at the process in which a piece comes to life. The paintings within “Layers” represents the human condition through reflections on creative process, interpretations of songs, and nature. I partnered with Ross Peters to bring these initial concepts to life. Each work is a new set of risks and rewards. I am inspired by the idea that my artwork has the power to spark movements and systems greater than myself.”–Trent Thompson

      1 work

      1 work