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Tim Irani

Post-Analog Artist

Tim Irani (b. Orange County, CA, 1989) received his B.A. in Architecture from the University of San Francisco before working as an interface designer for mobile applications. These skills, along with an interest in the observational sciences, are used in combination to construct a unique artistic style containing elements of pop art, graphic design, and computer-generated imagery. Irani lives and works in San Francisco.

Relationship with Technology

Irani's work reveals the inherent irony of technology, delivered with airbrushed elements of vibrant colors and a dark sense of humor. Circuit boards and engines are paired with flowers adorning hardware to suggest a bio-digital integration. Crude forms and iconography illustrate an uncertain environment where the natural and virtual world carefully coexist. Contrived to appear synthetically manufactured, Irani’s work employs traditional painting techniques based on digital renderings in an attempt to remove any physical traces of the artist’s hand. The result is of a hybrid work that is just as much built as it is painted–simulating the computer software in which it was created.

“Much of my childhood was spent exploring two distinct worlds—the natural and virtual. My work aims to incorporate this tech-nature duality. I’m both frightened and captivated by what the future holds and the internal and external effects of technological biointegration on us.” –Tim Irani

Irani's "Plants & Machines" solo exhibition at Voss Gallery (September 14 - October 6, 2019) was reviewed in The Daily Californianread the article here! Install images of the exhibition and photographs from the Opening Reception are available to view on our website. Have a custom piece in mind? Contact us for information about murals and commissions!