(Free) Vote for Change Poster
(Free) Vote for Change Poster

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(Free) Vote for Change Poster


Vote for Change, downloadable poster © 2020 

"We are living in an unprecedented time. A time in which it is up to us to craft the future we want to see. I believe that art has the power to change the world and my passion is to make art that matters. With the election drawing near it’s imperative we get involved, so I invite you to join me on IG Live to fundraise for AOC. I know with everything going on it can seem overwhelming, so please, let’s all take the next step together and make change." —The Tracy Piper


Learn more about The Tracy Piper and her social justice work.


You will receive an email with a link to download a high res. image of The Tracy Piper's 'Vote for Change' poster to place in your window or wherever you can imagine! Spread the word and encourage people to exercise their right to vote––together our voices can create change. 


This downloadable poster is free! 
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