David Samuels' abstract expressionist distressed resin artwork "Metamorphosis 2" is available at Voss Gallery, San Francisco for $1,100.

David Samuels



      David Samuels (b. Central Valley, CA) is an abstract expressionist artist. Working primarily with resin, his work emphasizes the subtle contrastsopaque to transparent and light to darkbetween each painted layer in a seemingly meditative fashion. Samuels participates in national group exhibitions and was the former art director for The LF Gallery in Fresno, CA. 

      “I am often looking for avenues of the unexpected. In my childhood, I was always interested in the overall concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. More precisely, I find myself fascinated by the path of life, the turning of time, and the interaction of nature’s inherent life force. These forces are a powerful interaction that creates a visual aesthetic full of motion through the gathering and juxtapositions of matter. The search for this ambivalence between movement and stillness, which can reflect tensions of all kinds, is the foundation of my work.” —David Samuels

      21 works

      21 works