Brent Hayden's abstract mixed-media collages are available at Voss Gallery, San Francisco!

Brent Hayden



      Brent Hayden (b. Dallas, TX, 1988) is an abstract mixed-media artist based in San Francisco, CA. His intricate sculptural collages mimic the movement and hustle of contemporary urban life. Through these vibrant works, the artist invites viewers to consider imaginary alternatives about the world and their place within it. He assembles these scenes using various mediums including cyanotypes, non-traditional painting, photography, photo transfers, polystyrene sculpting, and found objects. Brent participates in national group exhibitions and is a resident artist at ARC Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA.

      One aspect that has always captured my attention in terms of creating work is energy. To me, energy is the invisible force guiding us, motivating us, and affecting each path we come across in our everyday lives. Living in a densely populated city directly impacts my work; I strive to be fully present and immersed within each moment so I can stretch my observations into distorted scenes beyond reality. By portraying cosmic playgrounds and metaphysical cityscapes, I aim to create art that captivates viewers and bridges their experiences from this world into an imaginary version. —Brent Hayden

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